During the Poor People's Campaign 40 Days of Action, we call on all Michiganders to gather at the State Capitol in Lansing to declare our demands against Poverty and Inequality, Systemic Racism, Ecological Devastation, and War Economy and Militarism.

Instead, we call for a National Morality for our right to ground public policies and budget allocations in a moral narrative that prioritizes and follows our deepest religious and Constitutional moral commitments to justice. Please register to join this call for action!

We insist that our elected officials and faith-based leaders demonstrate the moral and ethical convictions to eradicate economic injustice and human rights violations. Register today to tell us you'll be in Lansing on Mondays from May 14 - June 18, 2018!

One the MI PPC Registration Form you can indicate which dates you'll participate in Lansing, plus any child care and interpretation needs. We'll also keep you up-to-date on schedule and event changes.