Monday, May 13, 2019

30 Days of Prayer and Action begins this week

Hello MI PPC Community,

Join us as faith leaders and communities across the state RISE UP for Justice. Each week will focus on one of four evils and the association of distorted morality as the fifth evil beginning this week with Racism.

RISE UP for Justice calls for faith leaders and community to deepen the message for justice and commitment to come together in conversation, prayer, and action to irradicate the five evils.  

We are inviting you to be a part of uplifting the energy of the movement.

Ways of Participation

~ Contemplating the Distorted Morality (included in the calendar) associated with the evil conditioning prior to prayer.

~ Join in united energy by offering a prayer each day at noon (or a time convenient for you);

~ Take some action individually and inviting others. Actions (not all inclusive) are listed in 30-Day Calendar. We invite you to add your input to the calendar;

~ If you are a faith leader offer one or more sermons on the five evils during the 30-Days;

~ Place the attached printable PPC window sign in your home and place of worship.

~ Spread the word within your organizations, place of worship and your networks.

The 30-Day Calander is designed to offer a brief overview. There are examples of prayers and actions as well as some resources included with open access for additional responses. We welcome your input. We will be adding content for the other evils.


Last June during 40-days of action hundreds of MI PPC members stood against the immoral and criminal negligence of the MDEQ. RISE UP for Justice was a gathering bringing faith leaders and community together to raise legal defense funds for the 13 defendants who in nonviolent action put their bodies on the line to risk arrest and continued outreach for the MI PPC.

Update: Victory! The Lansing trial against the MDEQ scheduled for May 14th. Judge ready to grant necessity defense. Recognizing the strength of the case the prosecutor dropped all charges. Funds raised for legal defense will go toward expenses occurred. The Detroit trial was also a victory. Thank you to all those who contributed. We are moving the needle of justice.

RISE UP for Justice was also part of the kick-off for the 30-days of Prayer and action.

May 2, 2019, was National Day of Prayer. The Poor People's Campaign (PPC), in collaboration with Voices for Earth Justice, celebrated the day with an interfaith prayer breakfast.

RISE UP for Justice on May 4, 2019, was part of the kick-off to the 30-Days of Prayer and action across the state. A panel of speakers spoke on the five evils and water. We gathered in circle to ground ourselves with prayer and sent that energy out into the community. Flyer for that event may be viewed by clicking on:

One Step Forward, not one step back.

Thank you for all you do.

Peace and Blessing,

PPC RISE UP for Justice