Tuesday, June 12, 2018

We're looking for 100 Michigan Faith Clergy to sign the PPC pledge!

A Declaration for Religious/Faith Leaders to Sign
We have been asked by media if there
are one hundred clergy/religious
leaders who will stand against
water shut offs in Detroit.

Are you a religious leader, or represent
a religious organization, that will endorse
a statement and participate in a public action
for declaring the water shut offs as
immoral and spreads disease contributing to
a public health crisis to the city of Detroit? 
The human solution is a water affordability plan.

If so please add your name to the list of 100 clergy: 

We will follow up with you to announce a plan for a Detroit press conference.
Turning off water in homes that are in hardship is inhumane. People are not able to flush toilets, bathe, or cook. As a result, there has been a dramatic increase in waterborne infectious diseases since the shut offs. The best way to prevent disease is hand washing. No running water creates a major public health risk for adults and children affected and those they come in contact. Water can be made affordable through an affordability plan passed in the city of Detroit.

We are looking for faith leaders from across Michigan, please sign and join us!

Thank you for your participation. 

Water is Life!
Water is a Sacred Gift and Natural God Given
Resource to be Shared by All.

As clergy/religious leader, (or a religious organization I represent) I stand in support of those who need water. Further, I commit to participate in a public action (press conference) declaring water shut offs immoral and contribute to the public health crisis within the city of Detroit.

I declare water to be a human right, necessary for life. I endorse a water affordability plan.

People’s Water Board, Faith Action Committee